Rachel Levy

Rachel has been working for Liron as his personal assistant since early 2016 and under more than one entity.

Before that, Rachel worked with 3 other competitors but since she wasn’t happy with the services they provided to their clients, she started to look for a new job until she started to work for Victory Real LLC.

Since she started to work for Victory Real Estate LLC, Liron trained her personally about the many aspects in the real estate industry. From the process of buying and selling, to statistics, real estate laws, leases, property management, renovations and much more!

Since she was such a great addition to the company, and since she has a huge desire to get better every day (and ever bigger heart!) – we decided that she should get her real estate license and therefore, we funded her real estate courses at the Temple University.

Rachel worked very hard and recently obtained her real estate salesperson license!

Still working closely with Liron and assisting him with all the services we provide to our clients, she is also an independent REALTOR under the brokerage.

Rachel is looking forward to employ her expertise by providing the high levels of services and expertise for which Victory Real Estate LLC is known for.

Rachel Levy
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